The Old Ella Church Community Association

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Old Ella Church Community Center….. First Thoughts

Mission Statement:    (Rough Draft)
     As an organization we would like to identify and provide resources to meet the specific needs of the people in the Ella community. 

Old Ella Church Community Center Goals:       (Rough Draft)
     To provide food and clothing resources to people in the community during the holidays and on a specific need basis.
    To collaborate as a neighborhood community to help one another.
    To provide an opportunity to have scheduled meetings as a community.

Questions To Be Asked and Answered As A Group of Community Members:
    How do we want to organize the organization?
    How do we identify community needs?
    How do we start to get donations?
    What federal documents do we have to complete to form a non-profit organization?
    What will be our short-term goals, Thanksgiving and long-term goals, next summer?
    Do we have volunteers to take care of different jobs?
    Do we want to advertise?
    Does anyone know of grants for starting something like this?
    Do you think there will be enough community interest to start and sustain this organization? 

Activities at the Old Ella Church
    Sept 18     Organizational meeting for The Old Ella Church Community Association.
                    September 18, 2012 8:00pm
                    Old Ella Church Community Center 

                    Purpose of Meeting:
                            To discuss with community members the idea of starting a community center and locating this at the Free Lutheran Church building,
                             also known as Old Ella Church. 

                    Location of Meeting:  Free Lutheran Church Ella, WI

                    Contact Person:  Sarah A. Sabelko at or 715-495-3999

        Order of Agenda:
    1. Start the meeting.
    2. Read “First Thoughts” document.
    3. Introductions.
    4. Brainstorm ideas and accept volunteers.
    5. Make a “To Be Done” list.
    6. Business cards and advertising. 
    7. Set next meeting date.
    8. Final Thoughts
    9. Adjourn